An Artificial State of Mind

by Kathleen Fox

Campus Movie Fest 2017

Kit is a young girl on death row who must face an impossible decision: end her life or undergo a procedure that would leave an Artificial Intelligence in control of her body.


This short film was created by Team Over & Gone at The College of New Jersey in 2016 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival.


Cast & Crew :

Kathleen Fox - Captain, Writer, Producer, Director, Production Designer, VFX, SpFX / Animator 

Thomas Hudson - Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Gaffer Samantha Miller - Writer, Producer, Director

Evan Zodl - Editor, Boom Operator, Compositing, VFX, SpFX / Animator

Jack Frey - VFX, SpFX / Animator Sound Editor

Hope Sirimis - Assistant Producer

Kyle Elphick - Actor (Doctor)

Molly Knapp - Actor (Terra003)

Gretchen Heller - Costume Designer, Hair

Paul Chukrallah - Actor (Guard)

Mary-Elizabeth Thompson - Makeup

Kelly Ganning - Actor (Kit)

Benjamin Reim - Composer