Ashes to Ashes & Data to Dust

by Kathleen Fox

December 10 -14, 2020

Ashes to Ashes & Data to Dust was a virtual funeral service for the year 2020. Mourners were invited to reflect on their year through the project website. These reflections were then printed out into a physical coffin forming a collective eulogy.


The project concluded on New Years' Eve 2020 when the reflections were burned and finally brought back to dust.

The project is featured as a part of the first annual CalArts School of Theatre Festival and made possible by the CalArts Online Performance Grant. 


Lead Artist: Kathleen Fox

Set Designer: Amy Chiao

Technical Director: Jake Siekman

UX Designer: Natalie Nicholas

Sound Designer: Alena Deval

Lighting Designer: Ry Burke

Production Manger: Yawen "Evanie" Sun


In this video installation, audience members were invited to view their personal reflections being printed out through three different live feeds of the coffin. Their reflections were printed out through a thermal printer that was connected to a Raspberry Pi. Text information was sent using IFTTT to post audience member's reflections to the printer's API.