Grief is the sorrow that comes from losing someone and the imagined future you thought you would have together.  The year 2020 was a global year of loss. People have experienced loss of life, work, financial stability, mental sanity. With so much loss there has been little time to grieve, let alone grasp everything that has happened. Ashes to Ashes and Data to Dust provided space to mourn, grieve, and remember all that 2020 was and was not.

Mourners visited a virtual funeral service where they could write text to grieve, mourn, or eulogize 2020. Guests then viewed a live feed of the physical installation from multiple perspectives. Ashes to Ashes and Data to Dust was a physical sculpture that took on the material shape of a coffin, inclusive of a thermal printer inside the coffin, printing guests’ eulogies into a long receipt, filling the coffin. The most common words shared in submissions were projected onto the coffin giving an overview of the body.

Ashes to Ashes & Data to Dust was open from December 10 - December 14. The project concluded with a message on New Years Eve 2020 when the receipts were burned and finally brought back to dust.


The project was featured as a part of the first annual CalArts School of Theatre Festival and made possible by the CalArts Online Performance Grant. 


Lead Artist: Kathleen Fox

Set Designer: Amy Chiao

Technical Director: Jake Siekman

UX Designer: Natalie Nicholas

Sound Designer: Alena Deval

Lighting Designer: Ry Burke

Production Manger: Yawen "Evanie" Sun

Special thanks to the CalArts School of Theater, Peter Flaherty, Daniel Jackson, Michael Darling, Rachel Scandling, the Online Performance Grant, thurs.night,  Patrick Smith, Kate Dewall, Victor Sandoval Torres, Jordie Rippon, The School of Theater Festival Committee, Bree Sherry, Ellen McCartney,  the Video Installation class, the Fox Family, the Cleary Family, Simon Magno, Jack Frey, Natalia Byrdak, and Jean Vogel