2020 Virtual Monster Prom

Saturday, October 3rd

6PM  - 11PM  PST   |  9PM EST - 2AM EST

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Welcome to Midnight Madness

The day has arrived!! Dawn your prom best and head out to Midnight Madness. Some small reminders before prom starts:

1) Use your computer to join the party. Not everything will work on your phone. Please use your computer

2) You ABSOLUTELY need headphones for the party. It will be a very weird and not fun experience if you do not have these.

3) Having technical problems? Check out the Mozilla Hubs Support Page

4) Please join the Discord to play games with everyone

5) Please vote for Prom Royalty

6) While your voting for Prom Royalty please also register to vote if you haven’t already


Now that that is out of the way!! Let’s all enjoy Monster Prom!!! There are 3 Rooms for tonight’s party. Each room can hold 24 people. If one room is full join another. Here’s a description of each room and a link to join it.

Monster Prom Room 1:
Welcome to Midnight Madness: A Virtual Birthday Celebration! This is the main room! Come hang out, listen to some music, chat with friends, vote for prom royalty, and join the discord to play games with everyone later. This room may take a sec to load.


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Monster Prom Room 2
Welcome to Monster Prom!! Room 2 is the activity hub!! Pin Youtube to the wall and sing karaoke with friends. Gather around the campfire and play a drinking game. Room 2 is meant for louder activities for people.

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Monster Prom Room 3
Welcome to Monster Prom Room 3!! Trying to escape the hyperactivity and just want to relax and have an intimate conversation with a friend! This is the place for you. Come hang and chill in this wizard themed room.

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Dear Esteemed Guests:

Thank you for taking a further look into my prom proposal!

This year for my 25th Birthday I shall be throwing a Virtual Party on Mozilla Hubs, Discord, and Zoom. The theme of this party, mildly inspired by the game of the same name, is Monster Prom! This virtual birthday party is Halloween meets prom, meets cocktail hour, meets game night.

A large percentage of the party will take place on Mozilla Hubs, a virtual room website made by the same people who made Firefox. On Mozilla Hubs you can pick your own avatar (they have everything from robots to Audrey II) and customize it if you’re feeling adventurous with your 3D skillz. You can walk around a 3D space I will be designing to fit the theme. The room has spatialized sound, meaning that to talk to someone you need to be near their avatar so they can hear you and you can hear them, like in the non-virtual world ( you will NEED headphones though.) It’s a very cool platform, I highly recommend checking it out.

I’ll have more details and specific information about Mozilla Hubs and party activities below. The Mozilla Hub rooms will be open all night. Check back here on October 3rd for the link the rooms. Feel free to come and go as you please. Socialize in the Mozilla Hub rooms or come do an activity on Discord with a group. There’ll be lots of fun things planned throughout the night so do what you want when you want.

Dress up ( yourself and/or your avatar)  as your favorite monster/ghoul / mythical creature and get ready for the PROM of YOUR DREAMS. The days of zoom call birthday parties are behind us. I hope to see you at my little experimental birthday celebration :)

All My Love,



The students of Spooky High cordially invite you to Midnight Madness: 2020 Virtual Monster Prom. Prom night will start promptly at 6PM PST | 9PM EST so dawn your prom apparel and your best ghoulish look and get ready for a night you’ll never forget


Schedule of Events

Tonight the whole digital world is your ballroom. Grab a drink and head over to the online cocktail hour on Mozilla Hubs. Hang out with friends old and new, jam out to some bops, vote for prom royalty, create 3D art in a very cool 3D space, and more ~

7PM-8PM: Game Hour on Discord
Keep the party going on Mozilla Hubs OR head over to Discord for some awesome games. Featuring  everything from Jackbox Games, Cards Against Humanity, Card-based Drinking Games, and who knows ~ maybe even Monster Prom.

9PM -10PM: Prom Hour
Head over to the karaoke room on Zoom to sing your heart out. Stay on Discord and never letting the gaming fun end. Check back in on Mozilla Hubs to socialize, dance your heart out, and vote for PROM ROYALTY!

At 9:30 on Mozilla Hubs we will be singing happy birthday and eating some real and virtual cake. Then we shall announce who shall be crowned Prom Royalty and continue dancing the night away.

10PM -11PM: Closing Time
Head back to your favorite activity or start one of your own. Karaoke, Discord Games, and Socializing will all continue on their separate platforms as we close the night out.

Drink Menu

Courtesy of Natalia





what do i need to make this work?
To make the party run properly you'll need a few things:

1) A computer or laptop with access to the internet

This will not run well on a phone. It will run slightly better on a tablet but not much. If you're feeling extra, it will run on a VR device.


2) Headphones

An absolute must for Mozilla Hubs to work correctly.


3) Access to the Discord Server

Not necessarily an absolute must but it will make things easier.

Join the server by clicking here

This will give you access to where all the gaming will happen. I will also be posting cool stuff leading up to my birthday on Discord.  People can also campaign for

Prom Royalty on the server.

what is Discord?
Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text. Talk, chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities. It's a really great platform for specifically gaming. Think Slack but less formal. It's very user friendly.


What is mozilla hubs?
Mozilla Hubs is a VR chatroom designed for every headset and browser, but it is also an open source project that explores how communication in mixed reality can come to life. Step inside one of our virtual rooms or build one from the ground up. With Hubs, you can create a room with a single click.


I really like it because you can walk around a space and interact with people like you could in real life. There is none of the fatigue that comes with Zoom calls and Google Hangouts. You can walk away from people and conversations and join new ones. You also have the ability to manipulate the space and share videos and images and 3D art very easily.


You personally need to know that there are going to be three Mozilla Hubs room for the party. You can travel between the three rooms and hangout with different people and do different activities. There can only be 24 people in a room at a time. The more people that are in a room, the slower your connection will seem. So try to spread out as much as you can.

How do I create my own 3d avatar for the party?

You should take a look at this link. Know that the avatar needs to be a GLB file. It's a little difficult but all the power to you if you wanna do it.


How do i run for prom royalty?
Join the Discord server and announce your candidacy. 2 people will be crowned Prom Royalty. Run solo or with a partner. On prom night, a ballot will be sent out that everyone can fill out once. People who campaign before the party will be listed on the ballot. People can also write in whatever they want on the ballot but campaign away! 

This is a LOT!?!?!?

Yeah, you're not wrong. I'm being a bit extra but 25 and THRIVE right?!?! If you're confused hit me up. It will be a fun time. I promise ~


It's going to be a Night we'll Never forget...

Can't wait to see you at Midnight Madness: 2020 Virtual Monster Prom on

Saturday, October 3rd at 6PM PST | 9PM EST


Thank you !