In the summer of 2019, Kathleen interned at the HERE Art Center. She worked for the production team and the marketing team creating content for shows and social media. She successfully developed and executed a series of videos for marketing campaigns to advertise productions and the space.


She also recently assisted on HERE’s production of Looking At You.

HERE and Opera on Tap in association with Experiments in Opera is presented the world premiere of "Looking at You" (September 6-21 2019) by composer Kamala Sankaram, librettist Rob Handel, and director Kristin Marting.

"Looking at You" is an immersive techno-noir operatic experience that confronts surveillance capitalism and the erosion of individual privacy in a digitized world. Driven by a dynamic score for three saxophones, piano, and electronics, "Looking at You" is a story of high-tech espionage and romance fusing Edward Snowden and Casablanca. Reflecting the audience's online identity in real time, "Looking at You" raises urgent questions surrounding online communication, privacy, and the reinvention of capitalism in the age of public data.

Kathleen created video content for the show, specifically singing Virtual Assistants that were placed on every audience table.