Here is an assorment of project I have done over the past two years as an Interactive Multimedia student at The College of New Jersey.


Video Games

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Behind These Hazel Eyes

Unity | Google Cardboard

Project for the Global Game Jam 2017. Callie and Hazel have been friends for the longest of times but upon entering college, their relationship began to take a turn for the worst. Take a look around Hazel’s room and interact with objects to discover their story and see the ~waves~ that cause their relationship to go into a riptide.

Devon Tam: 2D Graphics, Audio Editing, Sound Effects, Story Writing
Kathleen Fox: 3D Models, 2D Graphics, Audio Editing, Story Writing
Jack Frey: Programming, Story Writing

The Spook House

Unity | Android | iOS


The Spook House is a collection of 10 mini-games that was inspired by WarioWare and the Dumb Ways to Die mobile games. The game is devolped for mobile platform. For this game I worked on the art assests and and codedthe two gyroscope games. 


Jack Frey: Programming

Kathleen Fox: Art, Programming

Cameron Leonard:Programming

Claire Heppenstall: Art

Yuki Takahashi:Programing



Video Journalism

Many impoverished people nationwide have to walk over 10 miles to buy groceries consisting of fresh produce that contain essential vitamins and minerals to keep their families properly nourished. Without adequate money, education or government funding, more people are experiencing what is referred to as a food desert since it is increasingly difficult to find fresh food.


In areas like Trenton, N.J., people in need turn to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen for sustenance and guidance as they try to get back on their feet and live a healthy life.

The wooden gates stand proud, looking out on the cobblestone streets of Downtown Trenton, and looking in on one of the most important grounds of the American Revolution. It’s a series of old building that have the wear and tear of time and battle. The dirt crumples at you feet as you walk closer and closer, listening to the distant sounds of history echo through the air, or maybe you just heard a musket, or a drum and fife demonstration, either way you have arrived at the Old Barracks, the home of the Battle of Trenton, one of Washington’s first wins in the American Revolution .
Richard Patterson is currently the director of the Old Barracks Museum right here in Downtown Trenton. The Old Barracks Museum has been open for over 100 years, and he and his staff hold tours on a daily basis giving the world a lens to look at some of the most important events of American history.



The audience makes their way through the doors of the Black Box Theater, programs in hand, idly chatting as they take their seats. The actors wander backstage in costume, nervously going through their lines, waiting eagerly for those lights to dim, and then in the back of theater, waiting silently against the wall, stands a girl, more nervous then all the actors and stage hands combined because this, in every aspect, is her show.


From the audience to the actors, everyone and everything has come together for this girl, Emily Albright. Albright is a sophomore English major at The College of New Jersey who has just written and directed her first ever show for All College’s Theatre’s “Evening of One Act Shorts.“